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Order up to £50,000 of gift cards and eGifts securely online.

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Pick your gift cards or eGifts and choose how much to load on to them.  You may order up to £1,000 per day of gift cards and eGifts instantly, rising to £50,000 once your account is verified, subject to limits applicable to regulated products.

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Orders for gift cards will be delivered swiftly to your business postal address. eGifts will be delivered securely to your Gift Card Store for Business account for you to download.

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Our vast range of gift cards and eGifts can be used in a variety of customer and employee engagement programmes, for one-time rewards or as part of a long-term engagement strategy.


Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
You should receive orders for Gift Cards by post within 3 working days. eGifts are delivered electronically, usually within 24 hours, to your online account or direct to your nominated recipient’s email address depending on the delivery method you select at the time of ordering. Orders will only be prepared for despatch once payment has been received.
How much money can I put on a gift card?
This varies by retailer. For some gift cards and eGifts, you’re free to choose exactly how much you want to load, as long as the amount falls between the minimum and maximum values for that product. For others, you’ll need to stick to fixed denominations. You can check the specific details by visiting the Shop Now page and clicking on the information icon against the gift card or eGift you want to order.
Which methods of payment do you accept?
We accept credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard. Credit Accounts and payment by Bank Transfer are available on request, subject to approval by the Account Management team. The available payment methods for your business are shown in the basket when placing an order.
Are there any restrictions on how much I can order?
While your registration for a business account is waiting to be approved, you'll be limited to a maximum basket value of £1,000 per day.

Once we have successfully completed our compliance checks with your business, the maximum order value permitted each day is £50,000.

If you intend to order more than £12,500 of regulated products within a 6 month period, please advise us in order for us to undertake full compliance checks, otherwise you will be limited to £10,000 on your first order, and a full check will be required thereafter.

The limits apply to the business and if there are multiple user accounts ordering on behalf of the business, the order limit is the combined value of the orders placed by those users.

Please refer to the separate FAQs about regulated products for more information about those.

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