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Gift Card Store Orders


How much money can I put on a gift card?
This varies by retailer. For some gift cards and eGifts, you’re free to choose exactly how much you want to load, as long as the amount falls between the minimum and maximum values for that product. For others, you’ll need to stick to fixed denominations. You can check the specific details by visiting the Shop Now page and clicking on the information icon against the gift card or eGift you want to order.
I am having problems ordering online. What should I do?
For help completing your order, please email us on enquiries@business.giftcardstore.co.uk or call us on 0344 381 5046.
Can I purchase gift cards and eGifts in the same order?
Yes. Gift cards and eGifts are added to separate sections of the basket to make it clear which are which. When your order is processed, gift cards will be sent to you by post and you’ll be notified by email when your eGifts are ready to be downloaded from the Secure Downloads page of your online account.
Can I cancel an order?
Orders can only be cancelled up to 4pm on the day they are placed and before we have processed them. To cancel, please email us at GCSorders@bhnetwork.com or call us on 0344 381 5046.
I ordered the wrong gift card. What can I do?
Unfortunately, we are not able to amend your order. However, you can cancel your order up to 4pm on the day that it was placed as long as we haven’t yet processed it. To cancel, please email us at GCSorders@bhnetwork.com or call us on 0344 381 5046.
I put the wrong amount on a gift card. What can I do?
Unfortunately, we are not able to amend your order. However, you can cancel your order up to 4pm on the day that it was placed as long as we haven’t yet processed it. To cancel, please contact us on GCSorders@bhnetwork.com or call us on 0344 381 5046.
Why have I have received a multi-retailer gift card when I ordered a single retailer gift card?
You'll see a "Powered by" tag on some of the gift cards available to order online. When you order a gift card with this icon, you will receive a multi-retailer gift card from our own Choice card range. The card you receive is accepted by the specific retailer you selected, as well as other similar brands. For example, if you select Pizza Express, you’ll see it is 'powered by Restaurant Choice' so you will receive a Restaurant Choice gift card that can be used at Pizza Express, as well as other restaurants.
How long are eGifts valid for?
When you download the eGifts from your account you will see the Expiry Date column which displays the date that the eGift code or URL must be used by. You can check the validity period for the eGift you want to order by visiting the Shop Now page and clicking on the information icon.
Can I return my order?
Once the order has been processed and gift cards have been dispatched from our warehouse or eGifts have been delivered to your account, you will not be able to return or exchange them.
Why do you need my mobile number?
To register with us you will need to provide your business mobile number. Please make sure we have the right mobile number for you so that we can securely deliver one-time passcodes to you. You may be required to authorise some of your transactions with us.
Will I receive a passcode every time I am making a transaction on the Gift Card Store for Business?
For extra security when making a transaction on the Gift Card Store for Business, depending on the details of your order, we may ask you to enter a one-time passcode which will be sent to you by SMS.
Can I see the details of orders I have placed?
The Order History area of your online account stores the details of all successful orders placed.  From here you can download the details of an order for your records.  You can also purchase the same order again from here as long as the products are still available.
What browsers are supported by the website?
The website supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. If you use older versions of these browsers your experience might diminish over time. You can update them by visiting the relevant website for those browsers. Here are the links for Chrome and Firefox.


Firefox Latest Release
How can I see if a brand is available as an eGift?
There are several ways you can search and filter to find the product you would like to order.

You can search by Gift Type (Gift Card or eGift) or by brand on the Shop Now page to filter out the digital products.  If you are on the product page for a Gift Card you will be able to toggle to the equivalent digital product if one is available.
Gift Card Store Payment


Which methods of payment do you accept?
We accept credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard. Credit Accounts and payment by Bank Transfer are available on request, subject to approval by the Account Management team. The available payment methods for your business are shown in the basket when placing an order.
My payment is not being accepted. What can I do?
For help with payment, please email us at customercare@business.giftcardstore.co.uk or call us on 0344 381 5046.
Can I use another gift card to buy a gift card?
No, you can't use a gift card to make a purchase on this website.
Gift Card Store Delivery


How long will it take for my order to arrive?
For gift cards, depending on which delivery option you choose, your order will usually arrive 2-3 working days after your order is processed. For eGifts, these are delivered to your online account, usually within 24 hours after your order is processed. Orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday will be processed the same working day. Orders placed after 3pm Monday to Friday or at weekends will be processed the next working day. For more information about our delivery methods and postage costs please go to the separate FAQ “What postage methods do you offer for gift cards?”
My order has not arrived. What should I do?
Please call us on 0344 381 5046 and we’ll check the status of your order.
How are my eGifts sent to me?
All the eGifts from a single order will be delivered together in a file to your online account. We will send you an email when they are ready so you can simply login and access the file from the Secure Downloads page. You’ll need to enter the one-time passcode that will be sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS to get access. Then you can click on the file to download the eGifts to your device and distribute them as you choose.
What postage methods do you offer for gift cards?
The delivery method and postage costs for gift card orders are determined by the value of your order and which of our fulfilment centres the products are despatched by.

Our One4all and Favourites Gift Cards are delivered by one fulfilment centre and all other Gift Cards are delivered by another.  Your gift cards will be sent by the appropriate method depending on the value of the gift cards included in the package.

Gift card orders with a value of more than £10,000 will be split into separate packages. We will apply postage costs for individual packages containing a value of less than £1,000.

The appropriate delivery method(s) is displayed on the Basket page.  You can click on the link to see the details of the delivery method and postage cost that is being applied to each package in your order based on its value.  You can choose to select a more secure delivery method here if one is available and the total cost of your order will be adjusted to reflect the change.
My order has not been delivered within the specific timeframes. Why not?
During peak periods, you may experience some delays with deliveries. To check the status of your order, please call us on 0344 381 5046.
Gift Card Store Restrictions


Are there any restrictions on how much I can order?
While your registration for a business account is waiting to be approved, you'll be limited to a maximum basket value of £1,000 per day.

Once we have successfully completed our compliance checks with your business, the maximum order value permitted each day is £50,000.

If you intend to order more than £12,500 of regulated products within a 6 month period, please advise us in order for us to undertake full compliance checks, otherwise you will be limited to £10,000 on your first order, and a full check will be required thereafter.

The limits apply to the business and if there are multiple user accounts ordering on behalf of the business, the order limit is the combined value of the orders placed by those users.

Please refer to the separate FAQs about regulated products for more information about those.
What is a regulated gift card?
Some of our gift cards are regulated which means they fall within the definition of electronic money as set out in the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 and which, as such, must only be issued by entities classified as an electronic money issuer by the FCA. These gift cards are subject to certain regulatory restrictions including the monetary value that can be loaded onto them individually and the total value of regulated gift cards that can be purchased within the same order.

The regulation applies to the following products:

One4all Gift Card
One4all Chip & Pin Gift Card
One4all eGift
Kids Favourites Gift Card
Teen Favourites Gift Card
Student Favourites Gift Card
Beauty & Spa Favourites Gift Card
Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card
Home & Garden Favourites Gift Card
Fashion Choice Gift Card
What is meant by an “anonymous” regulated gift card?
It's a card where the identity of the cardholder has not been verified.
Why is there a load limit and £40 online redemption limit on regulated gift cards?
From Friday 10th January 2020, the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 5) takes effect which stems from the European Commission's 2016 Action Plan to tackle the use of the financial system for the funding of criminal activities, terrorist financing and the large scale obfuscation of funds.

You will now not be able to purchase any of our regulated gift cards with a load value of more than £100-120 per card in readiness of this directive. Card recipients will not be able to redeem more than £40 online of a regulated gift card in a single transaction. To spend the full £120 on a card online, recipients will need to make multiple transactions. This limit does not impact instore transactions.

This restriction applies to the following gift cards:

Kids' Choice
Teen Choice
Student Choice
Fashion Choice

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